Every year I try to experience the best fruits that life has to offer, which is how this bucket list came about. I’ve done everything from drinking 100s of different wines, to cuisines from the whole alphabet, to skydiving. Every year I try to think of something different. This is what I have for 2017.

A Gross of Porters or Stouts. As the name might suggest, I will try over 144 different types of porters or stouts. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, that is also my last name.

A dozen 10k or 5k races. In order to burn all those beers I drink, I look to do a dozen 10k or 5k races. Wish me luck.

San Jose Bike Beer. As you can tell, this is the year of beer for me. Almost every major city has a bike beer, and now San Jose finally has its own. I definitely will need to try this out.

Walk 10,000 steps every day. Simple as that. No exceptions.

Art Project.  My office wall has been waiting for me to complete an art project using recycled lumber.  This is the year.